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HVLS FANS - High Volume Low Speed Fans

Commercial and Industrial Fans

Assured Comfort
Work Environment

Fresh Airflow
In Abundace

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Assured Comfort
Work Environment

Assured Comfort
Work Environment

World Class Components

Golden HVLS Fans are made of High Quality materials and globally accepted components. 

The Revolution of the blades are powered by NORD DRIVESYSTEMS Gear motor and the speeds are controlled by the Danfoss VFD.

Blades are Designed with Aero-dynamically Efficient Airfoils (6063T6511). These are carbon fluro surface painted to withstand any harsh conditions. The main holding structure - The Hub is a high Pressure forged structure made of Aviation grade Aluminum Alloy. Even the Wings are fixed to Cold Forged External Clamps. 

Fan Head.png
Forged Hub.png
Wing and Clamp.jpg

Variants Available


Installation Guide

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