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Electric Wire Rope Hoists

Lifting Capacity - 3 Ton - 150 Ton

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Guaranteed Cost Effective

Modular Deisgn, Compact Structure, Light Weight, Low Pressure on Wheels. Hight Quality Components used. Highly secure, 
reliable and Durable

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Precise Positioning and
Efficient Running

Standard Variant comes with Double Speed
Lifting by Dual Speed Pole Changing Motor ( Optional Double speed by VFD available) and the micro motion cross travel of the hoist is controlled through VFD.

Product Variants

Golden WRH - SG - Green Panel .png
Golden - DG - Blue Panel Hoist with Aux hoist .png

Singe Girder - Wire Rope Hoist

Designed for Mono Rail / Single Girders this aesthetically pleasing designed hoists provides excellent performance with little to no maintenance. Built with highly durable components these hoists are available from 3 Ton Capacity to 12.5 Ton Capacity. 

Standard Heights - 6mts / 9 mts  / 12 mts

Double Girder - Wire Rope Hoists

Designed for Double Girder mount, these hoists are capable of working efficiently in any challenging environment. Built with tested and trusted components these hoists performs efficiently and effectively over longer period. Available from 3 Ton to 150 Ton Capacity these hoists are supplied in standard Height of Lifts about 6mts / 9mts /12 mts . Custom height lifting is also available. 

Also supplied with Auxiliary hoists on request basis.

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