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High Efficiency Drive Technology for Your Application

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS offers you a wide selection of geared motors, electric motors and drive electronics components in various sizes and versions

High Efficiency Drive Technology from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS

Intelligent drive solutions with a maximum number of application options: This has been NORD's motto for over 50 years. Today we are one of the global leaders in the industry – the result of modern in-house production down to the smallest detail, complete quality control and strict orientation to customer requirements.

Perfectly matched components ensure the perfect fit, flexibility and durability of our gear unit solutions. Profit from a complete range of drive technology, which includes gear units, electric motors, industrial gear units, frequency inverters and motor starters for central and decentralised drive control.


What is special about NORD drive solutions?

  • Efficiency
    Operating costs can be significantly reduced thanks to energy efficient synchronous and asynchronous motors up to IE4.

  • Quality
    High quality materials as well as our stringent quality management system and globally unified production standards ensure low wear and a long service life.

  • Robustness
    For use in harsh conditions we also supply our drive systems with corrosion protection using the economical nsd tupH surface treatment.

  • Optimum processes
    We use the very latest production systems and production technologies to ensure high quality standards (KAIZEN, 5S, Visual Management, Shop Floor Management, Quality Circles).

  • Customer orientation
    We produce all mechanical and electronic components for our drive systems ourselves and can therefore respond quickly and flexibly to customers' requirements.

  • Fast delivery on schedule
    We work continuously to optimise our seamless global logistic chain.

Geared Motors

The compact UNICASE housing, which was developed by us, is now the global industry standard and saves a considerable amount of installation space.

Industrial Gear Units
Optimised geometries, robust designs and precise shaft alignment enable use in demanding, high-torque applications.

Electric Motors
NORD offers a large selection of electric motors from its own production – e.g. single phase motors, energy efficient motors and smooth motors.

Electronic Drive Technology
Our drive electronics cover a wide power range and can be functionally extended, so that they fulfil the requirements of a wide range of applications.

NORD produces a wide range of geared motors for a large variety of applications. For example, our helical geared motors offer modular, flexible design and are installed in a durable, precision-made one-piece housing.

Due to their parallel axle configuration, parallel shaft geared motors have a shorter overall length and can be mounted directly on the drive shaft with the push-on version featuring a continuous hollow shaft.

With bevel gear units and worm gear units you save a great deal of space, because the motor shaft and the drive shaft are at 90°to each other. Our bevel gear units are also equipped with a back stop.

Conservation of resources is important to us. Because of this, our electric motors meet and exceed all global minimum efficiency standards. These motors are suitable for use with 50 and 60 Hz mains. In addition, NORD supplies easily cleaned smooth motors, single phase motors and rolling mill motors for heavy duty applications.


For ultimate performance: Drive Electronics from NORD
We ensure the optimal control of your drive unit with frequency inverters for control cabinet installation or for decentralised use directly on the application. Our inverters provide a large power range, scalable functions and high-precision control.

For ultimate safety: ATEX product versions
We produce all motors according to your individual requirements, including explosion-protected version (Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22).

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